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Kim Baranov – The Man and the Legend

Kim Baranov Businessmen are often caricatured as corrupt, careless fat cats with no interest in the common people except for what they can milk from them. Some doubtless do fit the caricature, but others are perfectly aware that business only works when everybody can participate, and that the better off everyone is, the better it is for the business. A perfect example is how Kim Baranov used his business connection in Kyrgyzstan to help improve the possibilities available to young graduates by helping to set up the country’s first international business school.

But this is not the extent of Mr. Kim Baranov’s activities in this area. Unrepentantly an old-school businessman, Mr. Kim Baranov has long used his ability to make connections as a prime plank in his deal-making. Where many people will remember their connections only insofar as those people are of immediate use, Mr. Kim Baranov’s memory allows him to remember everyone he’s met and bring to mind their competence and skills whenever he meets someone to whom they could be of use. And given the extent of his list of friends and acquaintances, it has been easy for him to bring these people – those in need of help and those able to give it – together. One thinks of how, again in the case of Kyrgyzstan, he was able to convince Charles McMillan, once an advisor to former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, to help the small country set up its first market reform program.

A charming, gregarious man who is at once an excellent conversationalist, a great storyteller, and an attentive listener, Kim Baranov’s easy ability to make friends has served him, his employees, and those he has worked with in good stead. His contacts have always led him to the highest in the land, an essential skill when working in post-1992 Russia which has allowed him to actually get things done. These days, though, Mr. Kim Baranov eschews politicians when they are in power, having been burned by a bad experience in the 90s when accusations of unsavory business practices were alleged against him and his partners during a campaign to discredit one of his acquaintances. Mr. Kim Baranov now urges politicians and businessmen to keep to their separate spheres, recognizing that mixing the two can only lead to trouble all around.

Moving in the spheres he does, Mr. Kim Baranov cannot help having often had to act or accept to be treated in a manner that some would find ostentatious. But it is important to keep to the level of those one is dealing with, and though some have accused Mr. Kim Baranov of flashiness, unlike many people in similar situations he does not flaunt his wealth. Not denying himself the comforts he can afford, he does not needlessly display his purchasing power! During his own days in Canada’s largest city, Mr. Kim Baranov and his wife gained a reputation as relaxed and charming hosts, striking the eventual purchaser of their home as nice people – a high compliment in Canada. It’s possibly the best lesson to be learnt from Mr. Kim Baranov: however had one has to be in business, gregariousness, and charm – which admittedly can’t be learnt – are huge assets, and never more so than when they are used not just for immediate ends, but to be able to find the people who will be able to help, not just yourself, but others whom you can help yourself.

Kim Baranov


  • Chairman of The Board of Directors at Kim Baranov Group Inc
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kim Baranov, Inc


  • Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kim Baranov “Export-Import”
  • Founder at Kim Baranov Holdings
  • Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kim Baranov Group


  • UFT – University of Toronto


Chairman of The Board of Directors

Kim Baranov Group Inc

December 1997 – Present (14 years 8 months) Toronto, Canada Area

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kim Baranov Group, Inc

1988 – Present (24 years) New York, NY


Kim Baranov Holding

1997 – 2002 (5 years)  Toronto Canada

Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kim Baranov Group

1981 – 1996 (15 years) London UK

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